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2022-05-22 Using GPG and signing git commits linux, cryptography, gpg, git
2021-07-11 github project structure best practices git, github, python, rust, github-action, ci
2021-06-05 Creating a pmount-compatible encrypted USB drive linux, cryptography
2020-03-22 Creating an encrypted directory-in-a-file linux, cryptography
2019-07-07 Creating a static nix channel cache, github, nix, nixos, nixpkgs, nix-channel, repository, travis-ci
2019-01-08 Provisioning a Raspberry Pi using ansible linux, raspberrypi
2015-10-04 Create a debian bootable live USB linux
2013-12-09 Probabilistic bug hunting programming, R, statistics
2011-06-23 Hard drive occupation prediction with R - part 3 R, montecarlo, statistics
2011-02-02 Haskell eDSL Tutorial - Shared expenses haskell, dsl
2011-01-22 Hard drive occupation prediction with R - part 2 R, montecarlo, statistics
2010-08-15 Hard drive occupation prediction with R R, statistics
2010-04-11 Debianization with git-buildpackage debian, git